1. Why work with Ukraine?
    Ukraine provides high quality at a lower price than other countries. This applies to so many spheres of the economy, including:

    Ukraine can speak in a language that is understandable to you. Ukrainian economy has positive trends. Ukraine has Free Trade Zones with the EU, Canada and many other countries, and also has preferences from the United States. Contrary to the freaks that are broadcast in the media from Russia, Ukraine is safe, as in the countries of Eastern Europe - EU members. In Ukraine, many reforms are being implemented and the country is changing very actively for the better. Ukraine is the associate member of the EU, the member of the WTO and so on. So to work with Ukraine is profitable and safe. Do not pay attention to the war - it does not concern near 75% of the territory of Ukraine, it does not create any risks for you! 
  1. Why in Ukraine we need to work exactly with Ukraine intensive exports Program?
    Our experience - it's more than 21 years - gives us the opportunity to make general conclusions. In Ukraine there are many companies that conduct external economic activity themselves. However in Ukraine there are very few who provide real practical help in working with the external business. We do it. Our services do not require payment from a foreign company when it comes to exports from Ukraine. We provide direct mutually beneficial contracts. Our participation does not have any effect on the growth of prices. We will be the one with whom you can clearly understand each other. Many people from different countries work with us. 

  1. Ok, what do we need to do to start working with Ukraine through you?
    We offer you to describe your needs, what you want to receive. We will look for a solution for you. If these solutions are already among our offers and opportunities  - it means it will be free for you. If this is more difficult - then we will offer you a simple and understandable way of cooperation. By addressing us you will receive an understanding and a constructive offer, and the solution will be for you! 

  1. How high risks that the Ukrainian producer fail to fulfill obligations? 
    Such risks are very small, such cases are very few, in our project this was not yet such cases. In addition, if you work with us, we will analyze the Ukrainian partner and do not allow him to violate the obligations. We will be able to ensure that your interests are upheld!

Ukraine offers you a partner hand!