Garden, Farm

Without intermediaries, without extra charges - direct contracts with manufacturers are offered!

  1. Bee-bags
  2. Garden Houses made of wall timber in thickness of 28mm and 60mm.
  3. Houses of cylindrical timber with a diameter of 180-240mm.
  4. Houses of glued wall timber thickness 140-240mm.
  5. Pavilions of various sizes.
  6. Garden furniture (bench-swing, tables, benches, pergolas, etc.)
  7. Timber glued building from 80x80mm to 300x400 length up to 14m.
  8. Glued beam (window), beam for playgrounds, workpiece for joiner's products.
  9. Molded products, linings, baseboards, cabinets, false bars, fused lengthwise.
  10. Doors made of wood.
  11. Windows wooden thickness 78х83mm
  12. Children's playgrounds and accessories.
  13. Dry lumber.
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