Without intermediaries, without extra charges - direct contracts with manufacturers are offered!

  1. Cooling towers: manufacture, delivery, repair, modernization and so on
  2. Electronic, vacuum, and spectrometric equipment, automated data collection and processing systems, and analytical software. It's products are used in industrial, research and academic laboratories worldwide
  3. Any ironwork
  4. Creating a large-tonnage, high unit capacity, - equipment for processing rubber, plastic and their waste
  5. Creation of engineering and technical buildings
  6. Creation of water supply systems for residential
  7. Creation of ventilation
  8. Creation of heating
  9. Creation of automatic control systems for technological processes
  10. Automation and / or dispatching of engineering systems and networks
  11. Automation of technological processes
  12. Clothes for the food industry
  13. Special clothes
  14. Special shoes
  15. Suits of water and chemical protection
  16. Equipment for army
  17. Containers Big-Bag.
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